Goin’ Down To The Fishin’ Hole

By Darryl Payne
Posted on August 30, 2011

Now that autumn is knocking on the door, we’re getting into prime fishing here in the Great Smoky Mountains. Trout is the catch of choice around these parts, and if you’re in search of trout, one of the most popular fishing destinations is the Little River in Townsend, Tennessee.

Between late March and late September, the river is stocked twice monthly with farm-raised rainbow trout. The fish are usually nicely sized, and introduced to the river in numbers of one thousand or more per stocking. And apparently, the fishing is good along the 20-plus stocking points along this stretch of the river. It’s been estimated that up to 90 percent of new fish caught.

A great time to fish the Little River (especially for novices) is just after the trout population is replenished, when they are just getting acclimated to their new environment and are looking for food. Naturally, the decision of specifically when to fish depends on the season. In summer, it’s best to go out at dawn, when the cooler morning waters are more attractive for feeding.

If you’re thinking about turning your next trip into a fishing expedition, we’ve got lots of Smoky Mountains cabins that you can choose from, many of which are conveniently located near Townsend and the Little River.



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