5 Reasons To Stay At A Bed And Breakfast In The Smokies

By Darryl Payne
Posted on December 10, 2012

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Visitors to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee have no shortage of options when it comes to vacation lodgings. There are literally hundreds of choices in hotels and motels, cabins and chalets and even condominiums. However, one type of accommodations that often gets overlooked is the bed and breakfast inn. The Smokies area has some of the finest bed and breakfasts in Tennessee, so here are a few reasons that a B&B might be a good selection for your next trip here:

1. Breakfast is included. It's true that many hotels offer a free breakfast too, but in general, B&B proprietors go out of their way to make the morning meal a special experience you won't forget.

2. Great customer service. Most B&Bs are family owned and have few guests at any one time. That means the proprietors are generally able to focus a lot of their attention on their guests.

3. Peace and quiet. B&Bs are generally located in spots that are a little more remote, a little more off the beaten path. They are generally great places to relax and unwind, whether you're curling up with a good book, playing a board game or taking a walk on the grounds.

4. Space and privacy. Often, bed and breakfast sleeping quarters are generously sized compared to hotel, motel and condo bedrooms. And you're not competing with hundreds of other guests for the use of facilities and amenities.

5. Interaction with others. You usually get to meet and get to know fellow travelers who are like-minded when it comes to seeking out a special lodging experience on the road.

We reccommend Blue Mountain Mist Inn for the ultimate in Smoky Mountain lodging.

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