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5 of the Best Smoky Mountain Hiking Trails for Families

Posted on October 5, 2018

Laurel Falls in the Smoky Mountains is a great family hike.No matter the season, one of the best ways to spend your time in the Smoky Mountains is by going for a hike. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to more than 800 miles of trails, with some for every skill level. When you visit the area with your family, you will have plenty of options for easy and family-friendly hikes! Here are just 5 of the best Smoky Mountain hiking trails for families:

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Where Are the Great Smoky Mountains?

Posted on May 15, 2018

Scenic overlook in the Smoky Mountains National ParkIt's home to the largest old-growth forest east of the Mississippi... the densest Black Bear population in the Eastern U.S…. and the widest variety of salamanders outside of the tropics.

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10 Things You Probably Don't Know About the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Posted on March 15, 2018

Smoky Mountain SalamanderIf you've ever visited the Smoky Mountains National Park, you know all about the beautiful scenery. But even veteran visitors may not be fully aware of all the fascinating lore surrounding this world-famous park. Here are 10 fun facts that may surprise (and delight) you.

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Hidden Gems In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Posted on August 29, 2017

Elk have been reintroduced to the National ParkEncompassing 816 square miles and occupying parts of two states, Great Smoky Mountains National Park covers a lot of territory – typically way more than most folks can take on in a lifetime, much less a single visit. As a result, visitors (more than 9 million annually) tend to focus on the more popular destinations within the park – sites like Cades Cove or Clingmans Dome or the visitor centers located on either side of the park (one for TN, one for NC).

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Best Smoky Mountain Trails for Backpacking

Posted on June 10, 2016

Hiking Smoky MountainsFew hiking experiences compare with the Great Smoky Mountains. As a hiker, you'll be treated to scenic views, wildlife, waterfalls, diverse plant life, pristine forests, and historical sites such as the remains of settler villages. The Smokies have a variety of options for all levels of hikers. You can enjoy an easy morning or afternoon trek, a day excursion that takes you in a convenient loop, or overnight backpacking trips that are truly an adventure.

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For Allure and Adventure, Hike These Smoky Mountain Waterfalls

Posted on May 10, 2016

Moose Creek FallsThe Great Smoky Mountains have the two ingredients necessary for waterfalls: plenty of rain, from 85 inches to over 8 feet some years, and elevation gradient. Water trickles down the mountains and builds rushing rivers that drop up to a mile off the mountain face. Hiking the Smokies to see stunning waterfalls is one of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park's most breathtaking activities. Here are some of the most popular waterfalls you'll find.

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Discover the Best Hiking in the Smoky Mountains

Posted on January 12, 2016

Family HikingStunning vistas, abundant wildlife, and absolute tranquility make hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains an unforgettable experience. You can hike the Smokies year-round, with each season offering its own surprises, delights, and adventures. Whether you're looking for an easy, fun hike for the whole family or one that will challenge your skills and endurance, the Smokies have something for everyone.

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Secluded Camping In The Smoky Mountains Backcountry

Posted on June 8, 2015

Backcountry CampingIf you're craving the kind of peace and quiet that seems to have existed only in the previous century, camping in the tranquil Smoky Mountains Backcountry may be exactly what you're looking for. Here, backpackers can wander more than 800 miles of trails that lead past breathtaking mountain vistas, quiet old-growth forest and clear, cold, rushing rivers and waterfalls. You'll see wildlife you've never seen before and may go days without seeing another human or hearing a cell phone ring. The Backcountry is not your average camping adventure, so it's important to know a few things before you go.

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A Hike Along Porters Creek

Posted on April 25, 2013

If you're looking for a fun hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park on your next visit, consider exploring Porters Creek Trail. Located in the Greenbrier section of the park, this hike is not too strenuous and features wildflowers, historic homesteads and even a waterfall.

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5 National Park Travel Tips

Posted on February 18, 2013

National Park RoadWhether your next trip to the Smokies involves staying in a hotel, motel, condo or Tennessee rental cabin, we hope that you find time to make an excursion into Great Smoky Mountains National Park. However, you can make your travels safe and avoid unnecessary headaches by following these five suggestions from the National Park Service.

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Fall Foliage - The Leaves are changing colors Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Posted on October 1, 2010

Some people call it “Fireworks In The Smokies!” Some people just simply call it “Leaves are Changing!” And others call it, “Look at All The Cars!” Whatever you call it, it is bringing people to The Great Smoky Mountains by the thousands and for great reason. The beauty of Fall Leaves in The Great Smoky Mountains is breathtaking indeed.

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tennessee and North Carolina

Posted on April 11, 2010

You can see mountains for miles, as ridge after ridge of forest bridges the interstate boundary between North Carolina and Tennessee. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is world renowned for its 520,000 acres of diverse plant and animal life, its preservation of the Southern Appalachian mountain culture, and the ever-changing beauty of its timeless mountains. With more than ten million people visiting annually, this is America's most visited national park.

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